Leading Edge Webbing

As a trusted webbing manufacturer for the Fall Protection industry, we’re proud to offer Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline webbing and traditional lanyard webbing for Leading Edge situations in place of cable. Due to the critical use and application, Sturges tests each production lot dynamically over a steel .005” radius edge per the ASSP/ANSI Z359.14 specification performing both the perpendicular and offset drop in-house.  In addition, Sturges also weaves a variety of patented tear webbings to regulate the force in leading edge applications.

Note that these are just a small sampling of products that we offer. Don’t see a product that will meet your requirements? Please contact us. We have been making custom solutions for over 100 years and would be more than happy to help you develop a product that meets your needs.

Looking For An Alternative To Steel Cable?

Download our Leading Edge SRL Case Study

preview image of the case study

Leading Edge Webbing Products

Sturges Part No. X-7297

.97” Polyester / Vectran® Webbing

Sturges Part No. X-7352

1” Polyester / Vectran® Webbing

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